• 60'000 psi  / 90'000 psi technology
  • Fittings / Customized fittings
  • 24h delivery


Cutting heads

    • Different types for pure water
      Abrasive or 3-D applications
    • 60'000 psi  / 90'000 psi technology
    • Customized cutting heads


    Abrasive delivery system

    • Continuous transport
    • Dosage stepless adjustable
    • Desilting all-automatic


    Machine tools

    • Spare parts for high-pressure pumps 
    • Workpiece bearing
    • Collision protection
    • Multicutinghead systems


    Consumable parts

    • Focusing  tupes typ Eco /
      Standard / Premium
    • Cutting orifice sapphire & diamond
    • Abrasive material 80/120/200 mesh


    Welcome to ALLFI

    The ALLFI AG is specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of superior waterjet parts for high pressure waterjet cutting. With our team of qualified professionals, we provide our customers with innovative, high quality products and services at competitive prices. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the deciding factor for long term, positive relationships, which we strengthen through:


    • Quality guarantee of all 'in-house' produced parts
    • Comprehensive inventory of spare parts, with a guaranteed delivery of 24 hours
    • Knowledgeable and reliable Customer Service Technicians
    • Competitive pricing 

    We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.


    Beat Meyer


    Our corporate documentation

    Superior Waterjet Parts