ALLFI Cutting Head

Improved clamping nut for Centerline abrasive cutting head


In ALLFI's Centerline abrasive cutting heads, the focusing tubes are precisely positioned by high-quality collets and fixed with a clamping nut. To ensure that this screw connection can be reliably opened at any time for changing the focusing tube, the clamping nuts were previously carefully coated in a separate work step.

Some of our customers have noticed corrosion on these clamping nuts. Many customers probably never noticed this, because in most metalworking stores where ALLFI waterjet cutting heads are used, a little rust or other oxide can always form somewhere. This is often not even noticed.


Nevertheless, we decided to improve our previous solution. After all, our cutting heads are also used for other high-quality materials. And an ugly rust stain on a beautiful stone slab made of Carrara marble, that would be too bad.


Therefore, from now on, we will only use clamping nuts made of stainless material and will not increase the price. This is a bit more expensive for us and many of our customers will not even notice the difference, but this is what we mean by Swiss Quality.

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