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Water quality in waterjet cutting

In the field of high-pressure technology on waterjet cutting systems, enormous progress has been made in recent decades. Today, service lives of HP components are achievable that were not even conceivable at the beginning of development.

Nevertheless, cases of damage occur time and again in which the expected service life of a high-pressure component is fallen far short of. In such cases, material or assembly faults are often suspected. Far too often, however, the existing water quality is disregarded as the cause of the fault.

The effect of water on the cutting system is difficult to predict, as it depends on the regional conditions of the water sources and interactions of the water components always play a role.

For this reason ALLFI offers a water analysis which includes the evaluation of the water values depending on the existing operating conditions of the cutting system.

Sampling can be performed at your plant on site by our service technicians. The samples then go directly to the laboratory.

We can analyze the results accurately and make a recommendation based on your plant.

This allows us to give our customers a serious assessment of the effect of the feed water on their cutting equipment.


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