Waterjet diagnostic tool

Diagnostic tool for recording the pressure course in the high pressure system


In the field of waterjet cutting, the cutting pressure appliedis of mayor interest. The level of pressure is directly reflected in the cutting performance at the cutting head and has therefor a direct impact on the cutting quality and cutting speed. In addition, the pressure needs to remain is as constant as possible without strong pressure peaks or variations in order to protect the high-pressure components of the entire system.


When operating cutting systems, people often rely on the preset target pressure of the high-pressure pump or use an analog pressure gauge to display the system pressure. This is suitable for observing the level of the applied pressure. However, it cannot display fast changes of the pressure peaks.

To achieve a higher resolution in pressure measurement, a digital sensor is required in the high-pressure system. With the help of a USB interface, a laptop can be turned into a powerful measuring instrument in a short time. It is possible to detect pressure peaks and display them graphically.

The cause of pressure peaks is mostly in the area of jammed check valves of the high pressure pump, slipstick effects in the pump hydraulics or wrong switching times of drain or bypass valves.

The graphically displayed course of the pressure signal can also help with uneven running behavior of high-pressure pumps by observing it over a longer period of time.


Our ALLFI technicians are equipped with this measurement technology to use it for diagnostic and documentation purposes. In the event of a fault, data can be recorded quickly and easily so that further steps can then be agreed with the plant operator.


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